Full & Field Market Research Services

Survey Design,implementation and/or Analysis.

-A/B testing
-FEHC & FEBS Survey Processing
-Awareness & Imagery
-Competitive Analysis
-Customer Loyalty Analysis
-Customer Satisfaction Monitoring
-Employee Surveys
-Retail Staff Product Evaluations
-Usage Studies

Focus Group Design, Moderator & Analysis
Experienced Moderator (300+ groups)
Special Interest Groups:
-Teens                      -Physicians & Nurses
-Executives               -Building Contractors
-Seniors/Retirees      -Patients/Familes

Topics include: Customer Satisfaction, New Product Development; Advertising Message Development; Packaging Design; Decision Making; Loyalty; Brand Identity
Strategic Planning provides a blueprint and action plan to move your firm from its current status to identifying and achieving longer term goals and objectives. This four stage process is guided by MUSE based on input from your leadership team. Action plans are developed and refined to effeciently meet the firm's goals within budget constraints.

Management Consulting is available for routine or crisis management. Issues may include attracting, keeping and/or training staff, HR,  Marketing, Segmentation, Customer Loss, Profitability, Growth planning and more.

Undercover Employees are also available. If your firm is not working the way you expect and you are too well known at the firm to be an "undercover boss" then consider hiring MUSE for a "undercover employee".

CASE #1: A recent 6 day assignment uncovered a flawed telemarketing appointment plan which was allowing staff to cheat the system.  A simple change in programming was implemented,  equalizing workflow and improve overall productivity by 20%.

CASE #2: A recent two-hour assignment discovered a substantial flaw in the client's website which had left it exposed it to lawsuits.

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